Here is a small selection of images of parts that we have made.

Die Punching: Polycarbonate Split Washer
Tipping and Bonding:
Pellethane ® loaded with TiO2, Propell ™ and strengthening additive thermally bonded to natural Pellethane ™.   Tipping operation to seal end of tube to provide a-traumatic entry and maintain specified burst strength.
Shaped Polyimide:
Shaped Polyimide. Forinno, LLC can reshape Polyimide.  Create specific cross-section profiles, stepped polyimide, flared polyimide.   Tight tolerance cutting services.
Tipped PTFE:
Top – Tungsten marker embedded in PTFE tube while forming a completely sealed end.
Bottom – Pure PTFE tip with spherical end capable of withstanding significant loads and pressure.
Sheath and Dilator Assembly:
Lubricious FEP sheath with radiused tip to match tapered tip HDPE
Shaped Acetal:
Custom shape setting of all thermoplastics.
Formed FEP:
Top – Flared FEP tubing.  Any wall. Any size. 
Bottom – Thin walled natural FEP thermally bonded to thick walled colored FEP.
Tipped PEEK:
Forinno, LLC has specialized process controls to heat form complex shapes in various PEEK profiles.
Marker band installation, tipping and tube forming:
Platinum Iridium marker band thermally inserted into Pebax ®, a-traumatic tip, and custom shape set.  
Flared PEEK:
Flaring to your custom design on Fluoropolymers, Thermoplastics and Thermosets.
Dilator Tipping:
Long, smooth tapers can be made on low durometer to high durometer tubing 2 FR to 30 FR.  55D Pellethane ® and 35D Pellethane ® shown.
Polycarbonate Tipping:
Sharp tipping on polymers to create piercing features.
Spiral Cut PTFE Tubing:
Forinno, LLC can spiral cut many different polymers.  Partially cut or completely cut through the wall.  Parts can be manufactured with consistent pitch or variable pitch.
Shaped Acetal:
Tube shaping in 2D or 3D.
Tipped 35DPebax ®:
Solid bead formed into large diameter with radius.
Tipped and formed 55D Pebax ®:
Tip forming and shape setting.
Thermo-formed Mylar:
Mylar can be formed into various shapes in wall thicknesses from 0.005” to 0.015”
Flared and Angle Cut Polyimide:
Angle cutting, skiving and custom cut profiles.
Pebax ® bonded to polyimide:
Our tipping and bonding processes can bond different durometer materials in addition to materials sometimes thought incompatible.
Flared PTFE:
PTFE tubing can be flared or flanged at optimal process conditions to retain shape through various other heat operations.
Tipped Pebax ®:
Closed end tipping made to any custom specification.
Laser cutting:
Slippery Delrin laser cut to customer’s tight tolerance requirements.
PEEK Assembly:
PEEK layered on inside and outside of Stainless Steel structure. Tipped on both ends to create a robust component capable of puncturing a surface repeatedly.  This sample illustrates our tip forming, assembly and crimping capabilities.
Wire Forming:
0.015” diameter Stainless Steel wire formed into two tight circles.
Flared PTFE bonded to Stainless Steel wire:
PTFE is flared to create an easy entry for a device.  Wire is embedded into tip via a thermo forming operation to securely hold the wire and create an a-traumatic tip on the distal end.
HDPE Component:
The flange on this tube was formed out of the tubing. The tip is forming can be done in virtually any shape. Hole drilling 0.015″ and up. Round, rectangular cut outs, and ovals.
Let Forinno, LLC take some assembly off of your hands so you can spend more time on your core tech.
Leak, flow and pressure testing can be performed to ensure the delivery of a well-made product.